Safer "Green" Pools

A pool can be made safer, eco-friendly and significantly less costly to operate. The main areas where improvements can be made are a pool's drainage system, pumps, and filter system.


Many pools are equipped with outdated drainage systems that pose safety hazards, including entrapment.* Risk of entrapment can be reduced by installing anti-vortex drain covers, using the appropriate size pump, and having a second drain in both the pool and spa.


Dual drains and anti-vortex covers are just the first step in making a pool safer. Our inspections show that many pools are fitted with pumps that are too large and too powerful for the plumbing used on the pool. The result is water moves through the system at an extremely high velocity. This can cause the water to vortex, sucking in water so quickly it pulls in anything nearby, potentially trapping a swimmer. Downsizing to a less powerful pump will make the drains safer and provide a second benefit of reduced utility costs.

Pentar Filter



For pool owners ready to go "green" we recommend installing a high efficiency pump. Installing a high efficiency pump will reduce electrical consumption by 80%, save homeowners between $500 and $800 a year in utility costs and make the pool's drains safer. Based on our field experience we recommend the Pentair Intelliflo pump. It uses the same technology that powers the Toyota Prius and Honda Hybrid. For any high efficiency pump it is important to have it installed by a technician with a thorough understanding of their hydraulic systems.



Many pools use outdated DE and sand filtering systems. These systems use excessive amounts of water and can account for up to 15% of a household's total water usage. Switching to a cartridge filter offers notable water and money savings because the pool does not have to be backwashed, saving hundreds of gallons of water each month.

A cartridge filter system also eliminates exposure to DE, a potential health threat to humans. Diatomaceous earth used in DE filters is classified as harmful to human organs or systems. The MSDS (material safety data sheet) for diatomaceous earth lists the following hazard statement: "May cause cancer through inhalation of dust. May cause damage to lungs through prolonged or repeated inhalation of dust."

At My Pool Xpert we encourage pool owners to switch to a cartridge filter to reduce water usage, utility bills, and the threat to their health.

*Risk of entrapment can be reduced by:

  • Installing anti-vortex drain covers
  • making sure the pool and spa each have two drains
  • using the appropriate size pump

"Entrapment occurs when part of a child's body becomes attached to a drain as a result of the powerful suction of the water circulation system, hair becomes tangled in a drain, or an arm or leg is inserted into a drain with a missing or broken cover. Often, the strength of an adult is not enough to remove a child trapped by a pool or spa drainage system." 1

1 Safe Kids Worldwide report on drowning & entrapment, pg 2

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